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Rasa de Verneuil photographe entreprise

Hi there! I am Rasa!


I come from Lithuania and in my country we say: "works tell more than words". So are the images. Every day I meet people seeking to advance in their career, starting or well based entrepreneurs who are in constant need to show them, to tell their vision and their story. 

Here comes Image Your Brand, which specializes in professional portrait, corporate images and personal branding, is ready to help you and create for you ! 


Being a small business owner myself, I understand the hustle required to be successful. The demands on your time and attention are endless. You have to wear so many different hats.  This is where I can help - save your time by creating your brand quality image library for you. 

I believe preparation before the personal branding photo session is just as important than the actual session itself.  First, it allows me to learn all about your brand and your vision, ensuring that I create photos that are relevant. Then, I will scout and select the perfect location(s) for the photo shoot to take place (or it can even be at your work place). 

As a result, custom brand photography can have a huge impact on your business.


Since 2015 I work as Dew Dream Photography  - creating memorable newborn, baby and family portraiture.

During meetings with fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs, I was asked many times if I do corporate photography. Indeed, professional imagery is so impactful and thus i started Image Your Brand.

Authenticity and real personality is what professionals seek to show. My skills of creating beautiful portraits, putting at ease the subject, capturing emotion and the true essence, using the environment and the best light are the important parts in creating beautiful images for your story. 

Brussels is the city of my love story and was my home since 2009.  With the big change in my life, funding a family and the birth of our daughter, new interests have appeared along with a great inspiration and an inner need to create. Thus where photography came into my life. Recently we have moved to a beautiful countryside house in Fernelmont, province of Namur. We enjoy the calm of the nature while being flexible to reach Brussels or other Belgium region.

My career is not usual as part of my life I have been in the world of finance and banking. Being creative and understanding business world is my advantage. I am someone with open mind and sincere approach and while seeking for perfection. 


I invite you to share your vision of your business and career and look forward to hearing from you ! 






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